On Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 4:28:30 PM UTC+1, dark...@gmail.com wrote:
> I'm back and you were right! There was some efi junk on ssd that once deleted 
> let me install smoothly. Although I'm now facing another issue: when I boot 
> up for the first time, the qubes configuration goes all the way until a point 
> when it gives me a pci-related error (I'll try reproducing it again but I 
> dumbly closed the window). Anyways, the os let's me enter the desktop aaaand 
> I can't open VMs. This means that whatever VM I click on won't open. The only 
> VM that opens is sys-usb. 
> Regards

Were it by any chance python code errors? and happening the moment you tried to 
configure new VM's, network, etc. during the last step after first boot?

In which case, you can solve it either by identifying missing UEFI/BIOS 
settings, updating UEFI/BIOS (be sure you know what you do first, so you don't 
brick your hardware here), and lastly but not least, you can pull out the 
HDD/SSD/NMMe, whichever you use, and then put it in another computer. Install 
Qubes, fully update Qubes, and then pull the drive back out and put it back in 
your original machine. I've successfully done this a few times to bypass the 
Qubes 4 errors and other installation issues that normally are fixed with 
updates, but are not fixed in the install medium. This in particular helps in 
Qubes 4, where this step frequently happens during the last setup step on first 
boot on the Qubes 4 RC-1 / RC-2 and RC-3. Hopefully RC-4 is free of this issue.


1): Using this method, it's best to only install with Grub, unless you know 
your way around UEFI/EFI install paths. If you use UEFI/EFI, then not only will 
it be tricky to regain any old EFI paths you had on the other machine, it will 
also be tricky to install on the current machine when you put it back in. If 
you on the other hand install with LegacyBIOS/Grub, then it should just work, 
plain and simple.

2: Might want to pull out any drives you got on the other machine, while 
installing Qubes, just in case anything should be written to the drives, like 
new grub configurations, etc. just to be safe, remove them. Then put them back 
in as they were when you pull the drive out you just installed Qubes on (best 
use same cables if any software is sensitive to the drive numbers). 

3: When you put it back in the old machine, and errors that were corrected 
between RC-3 and now today, will be fixed. 

I've had quite a lot of success on multiple different Qubes 4 machines using 
this method as of late.

Maybe worth a a try if you got a sparing computer around that can run Qubes?

Just keep in mind your Qubes will be exposed to unsafe hardware if the other 
machine isn't trustworthy. But for the most part, if its beween not getting 
Qubes to work, and this, then it's well worth the risk imho. Also the risk 
might be low, depending on what you pulled that machine through, and/or your 
public profile. Like probably only high profile people are heavily targeted, 
like really heavy profiles. You're probably not at much rish in this day and 
age, but you never know for sure though, but probably not big odds.

Either way, it's definitely worth it if its your last option to try.

Also your description of the issue sounds a lot like the issues I encounter, 
where it helps installing on another machine, update, and then put the drive 
back. It may be worth a shot if you got the means to do it. 

Further keep in mind if you break any still valid warrenties, and/or be sure 
you don't do something that might break your computer. Think twice, or triple, 
and ask if you got questions before doing something you're not sure about is 
doing. Just to be safer, there is always a risk when going into UEFI/BIOS 
settings, nevermind updating it which can brick your system if it breaks 
halffway or there is a corruption in your downloaded update file, poweroutages 
during UEFI/BIOS update, instability causing freezes, etc. etc.

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