On 02/12/2018 07:01 PM, vel...@tutamail.com wrote:
I have tried, tried, tried ...and tried and I am over my head! (Fedora 26, 
Qubes 3.2)

I am stuck....

I tried this:

and this, this was a pretty good video but unfortunately its not the same as 
PIAs config.:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1_zqT7_N7k (Nice video internetz.me...learned 
a lot)

Qubester I went down your path as well but wasn't sure where to go after.

But couldn't really get off step 2 of the Qubes instructions...primarily due to 
my linux skills.

Can anybody help?

I got a NetVM working but with out a kill switch and credentials exposed it 
just doesn't work for me.

Looking at the Qubes instructions, I was able to create the "sudo mkdir 
/rw/config/vpn" but then things fall apart.

My specific questions from the VPN instructions that keep derailing me, 
specifically the basic commands needed are:

1) How do I copy files to: "Copy your VPN config files to /rw/config/vpn"?

Each VPN service supplies configs in their own way, but usually there should be some option to simply download a zip or tar.

In PIA's case they don't make it easy to find where the openvpn configs are, but they're there:


Any of the three *ip, *tcp or *strong-tcp will work.

After downloading the file, unzip the contents to /rw/config/vpn. For example:

$ cd /rw/config/vpn
$ sudo unzip ~/Downloads/openvpn-ip.zip

There are multiple configs (one for each region) so pick one and copy it to the config filename that will be used:

$ sudo cp "US East.ovpn" openvpn-client.ovpn


At this point you can continue with the doc instructions, but I'd recommend switching to the method at https://github.com/tasket/Qubes-vpn-support

It comes with an installer and you'll notice the instructions are pretty simple.

2) "Create a file in the /rw/config/vpn folder with your credentials and using a 
directive"...how do I do this?

This is done automatically by the Qubes-vpn-support installer. To do it manually, just "sudo nano /rw/config/vpn/pass.txt" and add your PIA username and password, one on each line.

3) I haven't gotten further but suspect I'll have more questions.

Anybody have a source for a tutorial...I have googled the h3ll out of this and 
more questions then answers.

I'm preparing new vpn tunnel support in Qubes and a simplified doc to go with it. This should be available within a week or two. In the meantime I suggest using Qubes-vpn-support at the above link.


Chris Laprise, tas...@posteo.net
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