Thanks Chris(and "tasket"!)....took me a few tries but I managed to get it 
going, I tweaked the implementation a bit(scarey).

I was not however able to get this command going from step #3 of the Github 
guide:  sudo /usr/lib/qubes/qubes-vpn-setup --config

I doubt I did this right/well but when I went to it showed no 

Couple of questions:
* What security am I not getting by doing step #3?
* Is using a script from Github good? Appreciate the lead but will this be 
sanctioned by the Qubes community long term?
* How can I test the kill switch functionality?
* Any feedback, comments, ways to do it better?

Looking forward to those instructions Chris...

My sketchy/newbie steps are detailed below:

Create Proxy VM  Make Green  Proxy  Connected to sys-Net -  Name it

Add Files and Firefox in applications (didn’t really need firefox as I could 
download it in a disposable and the move it to my new sys-VPN)

Go to the services tab and add vpn-handler-openvpn then hit the + button

* All commands were done in the proxy VM (No template was used)
* Not a huge terminal expert, so used GUI for some things

Download config files: hit the green Clone or Download 
button (Download the 
“” file) specifically
Unzip in download folder
Manualy change name in file from “US East.ovpn” to  “openvpn-client.ovpn”

sudo mkdir /rw/config/vpn
sudo mv “openvpn-client.ovpn” '/rw/config/vpn'
sudo mv “.crt file” '/rw/config/vpn'
sudo mv “.pem file” '/rw/config/vpn'

cd '/home/user/Downloads/Qubes-vpn-support-master'
Type cd(space)then drag and drop from downloads the whole “Qubes-vpn-support” 
from “Github” in your downloads folder(Manually Unzipped folder by double 

sudo bash ./install

Enter VPN User name and password

Close terminal

cd /rw/config/vpn
sudo ln -s openvpn-client.ovpn vpn-client.conf

Restart VM

Connect your VMs

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