Again I have been using the Tasket VPN setup with Fedora 26 for a few weeks and 
it works the kill switch element!

I was hoping to beef up the security(maybe compromise the privacy) of the VPN 
service by adding OpenDNS or Quad9 DNS addresses to this configuration.

My questions I was hoping to get some thoughts on were:

1) I was presented with a Phishing site the other day...understand I am being 
targetted so I am not suprised. Is OpenDNS, Quad9 better then others? Are there 
others that would provide just as good filtering?

2) Tasket I found some documentation in the Qubes-vpn-support-master ( 
file) and references the ability to change your DNS address:

You can manually set your VPN's DNS addresses with:
export vpn_dns="<dns addresses>"
sudo /rw/config/vpn/qubes-vpn-ns up

How would I specifically change this? Is this a command? Would this be the 
specific command I would enter into my VPN VM if I was using OpenDNS:

export vpn_dns=""
sudo /rw/config/vpn/qubes-vpn-ns up

I am asking here in the spirit of maybe providing some help to people trying to 
do the same thing...


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