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Pretty slick Chris...

I just reconfigured with your Qubes4 
(https://github.com/tasket/Qubes-vpn-support/tree/qubes4)...I assume it 
defaults to 1.4beta2. I added the following to the PIA OpenVPN config file:

Yes, the Readme there will say 1.4beta2. I need to get better at assigning version tags.

setenv vpn_dns ''

...at the bottom of the config file and hit "save".

I went to:


and it showed it worked OpenDNS was "active".

1) If I wanted to put both OpenDNS IPs into this would the addition to the 
config file look like this?:

setenv vpn_dns ''
(i.e. space between the IPs)

Yes, that's all. FYI, as with regular Qubes DNS config, assigning more than two currently will behave as if there are only two.

I'll keep you posted how it works on Qubes 3.2...not sure I can do any formal 
tests but it is working. Would be happy to try if you tell me how...otherwise 
I'll keep you posted on what I see.

That's already good feedback to have. Thanks!

For formal tests there are traceroute, the test you linked, dnsleaktest.com, ipleak.net. You can also try using a packet monitoring program. I'll be updating the leak testing issue (#1) with a bit more info tonight.

The only type of "leak" I'm currently seeing is WebRTC doing its thing in the browser, showing the VM's internal address. This is a fingerprinting issue that is best addressed with a browser extension like Chris Antaki's 'Disable WebRTC':



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