Pretty slick Chris...

I just reconfigured with your Qubes4 
( assume it 
defaults to 1.4beta2. I added the following to the PIA OpenVPN config file:

setenv vpn_dns '' the bottom of the config file and hit "save". 

I went to:

and it showed it worked OpenDNS was "active".

1) If I wanted to put both OpenDNS IPs into this would the addition to the 
config file look like this?:

setenv vpn_dns ''
(i.e. space between the IPs)

I'll keep you posted how it works on Qubes 3.2...not sure I can do any formal 
tests but it is working. Would be happy to try if you tell me how...otherwise 
I'll keep you posted on what I see.

Thanks again for all you do...this is super hero type stuff!!


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