On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 5:48:24 AM UTC+1, Kyle Breneman wrote:
> I'm running Qubes 3.2.  I have the default Fedora 23 template VM, and the 
> default app VMs built from it, but I also installed a Fedora 26 template VM.  
> Now I want to delete or upgrade my Fedora 23 app VMs, but I cannot figure out 
> how to do this.  The "Delete VM" menu option in the Qubes VM Manager always 
> seems to be grayed-out.  How can I either delete these app VMs based on 
> Fedora 23, or switch them over to my Fedora 26 template?
> Regards,
> Kyle

uh, that guide confuses even me who knows the steps >.< not everyone think the 
same way, so I'll put a different perspective below.

In broad sense, there are two major steps you need to do, which won't take long.
- Change (untie) any AppVM's that use the template, to your new template.
- Then, and only then, can you delete a template once it's untied from any 

It's that easy, pretty straight forward. But be warned not to confuse when to 
use dnf remove and qvm-remove, more on that below.

On how to do this;
Right click on desktop and open your dom0 Terminal, write in "qvm-ls", drag the 
window a bit larger so you can better see the table. Any AppVM's still using 
the old template will show here.

Once you're done moving templates over to your new template, write in dom0 
"Qubes-Global-Settings"and check if the old template isn't being listed here, 
if it is, change it to the new template instead. 

Default system templates, which include both does pre-installed or the ones you 
download with the command you used, can be removed with "sudo dnf remove 

It's here very important that you distinguish between dnf remove and 
qvm-remote, as it can mess up your system. Only use qvm-remove on regular 
AppVM's or cloned templates (cloned templates, the ones you cloned and copied 
yourself). Qvm-remove may also be needed on some standalone VM's, but it's a 
less frequent situation.

In order to remove a default template, such as fedora, debian, whonix, you need 
to use the dnf remove command, but first, you need to completely untie your old 
fedora version, as shown above. If you're unsure how to untie them, it's pretty 
straight forward, just go to each VM's GUI Settings, and change the template in 
the first tab window, and that's it. You may want to verify if the AppVM works 
before you delete the old template though.

Qubes is very modular in this sense, it's a smart build. Simply by untying to 
the templates, and it'll become delete-able. 

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