>Does this help?

Yes, somewhat, but I found #7 on this page more helpful.  I've almost
gotten everything configured the way I want, but one thing still puzzles
me.  I used "sudo dnf remove qubes-template-fedora-23" from the terminal
(mistakenly did this before deleting/switching all app VMs that depended on
it), but apparently that didn't completely remove fedora-23 template VM
because even after several restarts the fedora-23 template VM is still
showing up in the Qubes VM Manager.  How can I get rid of it for good?


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 1:25 AM, Andrew David Wong <a...@qubes-os.org> wrote:

> Hash: SHA512
> On 2018-02-20 22:48, Kyle Breneman wrote:
> > I'm running Qubes 3.2.  I have the default Fedora 23 template VM, and the
> > default app VMs built from it, but I also installed a Fedora 26 template
> > VM.  Now I want to delete or upgrade my Fedora 23 app VMs, but I cannot
> > figure out how to do this.  The "Delete VM" menu option in the Qubes VM
> > Manager always seems to be grayed-out.  How can I either delete these app
> > VMs based on Fedora 23, or switch them over to my Fedora 26 template?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Kyle
> >
> Does this help?
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/templates/fedora/#after-installing
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> Andrew David Wong (Axon)
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> +idL5WdJIMAYrCTAaI7zksPFfYrgK9tSgmULVqrkOkpYI3K24/N8JZyRmRJc6GEU
> O6+8pprFykzoRE2pvSL0J1Vg24a4paYyuaKTT1wHBqkHg87Sm42amueTQUkXP8p7
> d1hQ0JHyfMma53Qv2taA0l1K9WR9ifB+HH5dc0w5d7KUvc5Bs0fr5ed/5vim75fX
> HyJn5P/wugaaw0+vBwU381WkCYuq/tB/HLPDirsDjK0iX9hkh6/McDZ7uD0mWmCH
> NZnHKjifEkF57P5wNLVFaz90q6YfrGnyS8jJKNEopcurZOtpd0wHKnW7eh/0iO6H
> EEeYkJ5M309AvFFWLE1UDHfCuPgTll/l3WB+SzUTGeF9wq7JP6RlsT02at7kXCHt
> mAxfycSJ6b3B35XxBdqVmUKo9jB/XwjgGOT/RJGU/w9PxXcgmI7yR8oOXPtopH7v
> HKR/dwSHlMfox+tAzAf2SFE7KIwr3JtEjcrLDP0+fDrW3QnK0zhdC5R7jXI//cwM
> bFQ7jKlS8wI1ZEOYZw2oBWm72nkFO0uIt8A+60mxdq4/zY++FPg=
> =Xrgv

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