On 03/07 06:48, Yuraeitha wrote:

> It seems like a good way to do it, I like it. What does others think about 
> it? 


> Does anyone disagree with the idea of making an initial first step with a 
> second repository with an associated 
> Community doc page, as discussed? We can always look at forums and other 
> platforms later on, it's probably best not 
> to do everything at once, especially now when the Qubes staff is busy, it 
> might be best to start where the least 
> work is needed from the Qubes staff. A second repository and assigning 
> volunteer moderator(s) should be straight 
> forward less than 5 minutes task [...]

as you mentioned let's do it this way and if we find out this was a bad idea, 
we can fix it later on.
the alternative could also be just start a new repository on our own accounts.
Honestly I think that only a few users will contribute, but that's fine.


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