I tried the predecessor NUC8i7 and it made a lot of noise every time it had 
to do more than showing the plain desktop.

I'm back to a proper desktop PC where fans only start getting noisy when a 
job runs on multiple cores full load for several minutes.

On Monday, April 13, 2020 at 8:07:16 PM UTC+2, Max Andersen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> NUC's are promising. 64GB memory with 1TB NVMe is acceptable for a Qubes 
> installation and takes up zero space.
> Got 800x600 with the 4.19 kernel. no wifi. Upgraded kernel to 5.5.13-1 and 
> got my 4K monitor working. no wifi. wifi device flapping for a few minutes, 
> then stop. Hoping for some upgrades at some point.
> Runs current-testing repo.
> Sincerely
> Max

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