On 7/24/20 5:51 PM, Zhao Jx wrote:
> 在 2020年4月14日星期二 UTC+8上午2:07:16,Max Andersen写道:
>     Hi everyone,
>     NUC's are promising. 64GB memory with 1TB NVMe is acceptable for a
>     Qubes installation and takes up zero space.
>     Got 800x600 with the 4.19 kernel. no wifi. Upgraded kernel to
>     5.5.13-1 and got my 4K monitor working. no wifi. wifi device
>     flapping for a few minutes, then stop. Hoping for some upgrades at
>     some point.
>     Runs current-testing repo.
>     Sincerely
>     Max
> Thanks for the post!
> I also have nuc 10i7fnk. but I have problems installing qubes OS 4.0. 
> I hope I can get answers from you.
> I Set legecy mode, security booting off, use USB stick to install OS.
> The following warning maseges&error is displayed when installing.
> "WARN anaconda:
> /usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/pyanaconda/pwpolicy.py:101:PendingDeprecationWarning:
> add_option is deprecated and will be removed in pykickstart-3.  Use
> add_argument instead.
>    op.add.option("--minlen",type="int")
> ......
> WARN anaconda.stdout:Not asking for VNC because we don't have a network
> ......
> WARN anaconda:X startup failed: Xorg exited with status 1
> WARN anaconda.stdout:X startup failed,aborting installation
> ERR anaconda.stdout:X startup failed, aboting installation"
> Do I miss setting something in bios or do I need to install the OS
> with DVD?
> Thanks a lot!

I recently moved to Xubuntu on this device, since QubesOS suddenly would
not boot anymore. Just hung and my 4K support dissapeared suddenly a few
weeks prior to that.

I am sorry it's such a hassle. Kali, Ubuntu, etc. has no issues with
wireless so it seems to be Qubes specific.

Good luck. You will need it.



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