The intel NUC 10 works great with Qubes-OS 4.0 but need some settings, see below.

The default provided kernel didn't recognize the included NIC (I-219V, in sys-net no listed network device with `ip a`) and the GPU used the restricted 800x600 pixel resolution.

Reason: the too old 4.8.5 kernel doesn't recognize this fresh hardware.

The solution, use the 5.6 kernel:

- first use an USB NIC adapter

- sys-net : remove all devices in Qube setting

- dom0: detect the USB NIC identifier with 'qvm-usb' (ex: sys-usb:3.3)

- dom0: 'qvm-usb attach sys-net sys-usb:3.3' (attach the USB NIC to sys-net)

- sys-net : 'usb-devices' should display the USB NIC

- sys-net: check network works ('ip a', ping, new connection notification, red network icon in tray-bar),

- dom0: switch to the latest-kernel with 'qubes-dom0-update kernel-latest', got 5.6 kernel,

- qubes-os : shutdown, unplug the USB NIC, restart the host

- check GPU driver provides a better resolution (>= full HD display),

- sys-net: set new kernel for sys-net in Qube setting,

- sys-net: reboot,

- sys-net: remove all devices, and attach only the '00:1f.6 Ethernet controller' (i.e.: I-219V device) with the 'no-strict reset' option,

- sys-net: reboot,

- check sys-net uses the I-219V NIC and network works ('ip a', ping, new connection notification, red network icon in tray-bar).

I didn't check wireless and sleep because I don't use them for this host.



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