Just installed 4.1rc3 onto a Carbon X1(5th G)...went well. No major 
glitches...I think I am good but had a few questions:

1)I ran, a simple test I was advised to do: qubes-hcl-report AppVM  (Name 
of "AppVM" I was running)

Results you want:
HVM: Active
I/O MMU: Active
TPM: Device not found <---Is this Anti-Evil Maid" ?
Remapping: Yes

2) I also ran: sudo xl dmesg|grep VT-d  (Thats a small ā€œLā€ and a ā€œ|ā€ 
Results you want:
XEN Intel VT-d iommu 0 supported page sizes: 4kB
XEN Intel VT-d iommu 1 supported page sizes: 4kB
XEN Intel VT-d Snoop Control not enabled
XEN Intel VT-d Dom0 DMA Passthrough not enabled
XEN Intel VT-d Queued Invalidation enabled
XEN Intel VT-d Interrupt Remapping enabled

                Post Interupt not enabled     <----This one is new to me? 
Does this look alright?

XEN Intel VT-d Shared EPT tables not enabled - This is enabled

3) I tried to Install Anti-Evil-Maid
sudo qubes-dom0-update anti-evil-maid    <---It timed out or couldn't find 
where to download??

4) Cool feature but 4.1rc3 has options in General Settings to pick how to 
update dom0, which one do I use for 4.1rc3?: Stable updates? Testing 
updates? Unstable updates? or Testing updates(security only)?

No big issues with the OS, I like it, specifically disposable firewall and 
USB VM, I used to use Debian for my print VM...couldn't get it going but 
Fedora was super easy! Very similar feel to the current 4.0 but updated 
look. Verifying the ISO was painful...I would pay for a verified/trustable 
bootable USB...could be a good way to raise funds! Maybe ship in a tamper 
proof case...

On Saturday, January 1, 2022 at 2:46:58 AM UTC-6 a...@qubes-os.org wrote:

> On 12/31/21 2:40 PM, Scat wrote:
> > Thank you all, appreciate the feedback and happy new year to some!
> > 
> > Excuse the layman question but I assume if I install 4.1rc3, when 4.1 
> rolls
> > outit is simply an upgrade?
> > 
> It depends on the nature of any updates, but that seems like the most 
> likely outcome right now. In general, the final release candidate of a 
> series (whichever one that might be) is ultimately declared to be the 
> stable release. However, it's possible that a clean reinstallation may 
> be required from one release candidate to the next (though that's less 
> common and rather unlikely at this stage of the R4.1-rc series).
> -- 
> Andrew David Wong
> Community Manager
> The Qubes OS Project
> https://www.qubes-os.org

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