When I try to back up my system and insert a WD external hard drive I get
an error when I try to mount it, specifically "Error mounting /dev/sda1 at
run/media/user/easystore: unknown filesystem type 'ntfs3,ntfs'

Add an ntfs package to the template you're using for the AppVM where you're trying to mount it.

The above is my biggest issue right now but also had a few other questions:
- USB-C doesn't seem to work? Not a big deal but I can't mount a USB-C
thumbdrive(in all fairness I was using a regular USB and used a dongle to
convert to USB-C). I found an old thread that mentioned USB-C isn't
supported in Qubes...

I think USB-C is supported now, but can't confirm. Maybe try an addin USB-C adapter so you can connect directly?

- My Thunderbird VM(dedicated VM to email) seems to constantly be
downloading emails (I remember this from my 4.0 set up and it eventually
stopped) but I have a large number of emails. Is there a better way to
manage this? Can I some how save these emails with out deleting them? I
changed "Private storage max size:" to 30g...not sure this is right but
seems to make sense. I also changed Initial memory to 500MB and Max memory
to 5000MB in an effort to add more resources to my email VM

Your changes seem reasonable. I doubt email would need more than 1-2GB max RAM, but more won't hurt if you have plenty. You can create a local mail folder in Thunderbird and move your emails there, but then it becomes even more important to have a good backup as the only location for them would be on local storage.

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