TPM: Device not found <---Is this Anti-Evil Maid" ?


VT-D settings look OK. Qubes will warn on install if something required is missing.

3) I tried to Install Anti-Evil-Maid
sudo qubes-dom0-update anti-evil-maid    <---It timed out or couldn't find
where to download??

May not be out yet for 4.1, but you'd need to get your TPM functional first anyways.

4) Cool feature but 4.1rc3 has options in General Settings to pick how to
update dom0, which one do I use for 4.1rc3?: Stable updates? Testing
updates? Unstable updates? or Testing updates(security only)?

If this is your primary workstation, choose stable or testing(security only) if you want security updates as soon as they are released, but with potential problems as they haven't been as broadly tested. If you don't mind breakage and want to test updates in advance and provide feedback, choose Testing.

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