On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 17:34 -0600, Marty Haught wrote:
> As the creator for radiant-page-event, I'm a bit biased but what I
> created with that extension could easily do what you want making some
> assumptions.   Each page would be a conference, you want to manually
> control your own calendar via the admin UI and you don't need to
> indicate a multiple day event.  You could then add page parts for each
> detail on your event such as booth # and external event link.  There
> are two newer convenience tags that I've recently added,  next_event
> and upcoming_events.  I when I get more free time I'll be adding some
> additional features but the extension is designed to be fairly
> lightweight for assigning dates to pages.

It looks great but, I do need to list multi-day events. Everything else
looks like it will work. I'll look into this one again if the others
don't do multi-day events. Thanks.

How is the Colorado Ruby scene? The wife and I are considering a move to
CO or the Pacific Northwest in the next couple of years. A quick search
didn't turn up much in the way of web development in CO. Are there many
places working with Ruby?



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