> On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 18:03 +0200, Arik Jones wrote:
>> There really is no reason to be a prude about it though. It's open 
>> source and we should expect no less. I say instead of complaining, 
>> re-factor the code and release it. That'd seem easier than trying to 
>> micro-manage each pull request.
> Easy gents, we're all on the same side here. There is no reason why
> Marty shouldn't be able to manage the extension he built. There's also
> no reason to hate on Tim for forking it. That's the great thing about
> open source, we build on the successes of others.
> I'll probably be using Tim's version of the extension (no offense Marty)
> because it has some added functionality that I need. When Marty finds
> the time to modify the original extension (time is always in short
> supply) I'll probably switch back to his version. I didn't mean to stir
> up any ill will that may, or may not, exist between Marty or Tim. Both
> of you guys rock.
> ~Nate

I'm not saying to not manage your extension's development. But in Git 
the culture of open source collaboration is mildly different. But then 
again, I see your point. I can't wait to see what page_event becomes 
though. Could easily be a core extension once it reaches maturity!
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