Sorry, folks. I didn't mean to start a debate about the various cultures of
open source collaboration. And I certainly didn't mean to spur any ill will
toward Marty. All this because I said that "Marty didn't like the fact that
I didn't ask him before do that work, so he denied my pull request. Oh

It was a (maybe inappropriate) reaction to what Marty said in response to my
pull request: "...I would recommend you ask me about making changes such as
these in the future before sending a pull request."

Instead of just an event datetime, I rewrote the migration to add
event_datetime_start and event_datetime_end datetimes (and updated the views
and tags accordingly, and added validation on the event model). And I added
a duration tag that renders the date and time for the start and end
datetimes. The pull request was a FWIW gesture, and I wasn't really
expecting that Marty automatically accept.

So, I'm sorry Marty. Let's all get back to making frickin' awesome websites
with Radiant.

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