On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 04:50:33PM -0400, Jay Levitt wrote:
> Bill Barnard wrote:
>> I'm working on a pair of sites for a client that will be on two
>> subdomains and hosted on a shared host (Dreamhost). I thought the
>> multi-site extension would be ideal for that but have not yet figured
>> out how to do this under Phusion Passenger, the preferred Rails
>> deployment method at DH.
>> Has anyone done anything similar under Passenger? I'm searching the
>> Passenger groups & docs but have not yet found anything useful.
> FWIW: the Passenger docs say that mod_rewrite is overridden/ignored
> unless you explicitly turn it on with some httpd.conf keyword that I
> can't remember.  However, I saw a post somewhere once upon a time that
> claimed that rewrite rules simply didn't work in the .htaccess, with or
> without that keyword - but that they did work in httpd.conf itself.
> I'm successfully using a rewrite rule in httpd.conf for static caching:
>   RewriteEngine On
>   RewriteRule ^([^.]+)$ /cache/$1.html [QSA]
> That help any?  What failed under Passenger?

I have rewrite working, DH enabled it in httpd.conf. (I have a rewrite
that adds a trailing slash to all URLs that are not part of the admin

I tried the simpleminded approach of pointing both my subdomains at the
same public dir and enabling Passenger for each subdomain. I created one
test page for each subdomain. Once Passenger is spawned by accessing one
of the two subdomains the page delivered is the same for each subdomain,
and is determined by which subdomain was first accessed.

Actually, as I was writing this I figured out how to do it. I made my
new subdomain point to a public that is a symlink to the original app
public and it works fine. (I think I tried this yesterday but it did not
work at that time for reasons not relevant here.) Anyway it turns out
that a simpleminded approach *does* work!


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