On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 12:29:04AM +0300, Simon Rönnqvist wrote:
>   Hi!
> I'm actually looking the very same thing. I found this howto
> http://casperfabricius.com/site/2008/05/24/radiant-cms-on-dreamhost-with-phusion-passenger/
>  , but I got stuck trying to get Capistrano at different stages of the
> process (didn't succeed nor give in yet). Anyhow, Capistrano isn't
> needed at all... so I might as well try doing without it... it's just
> that the howto involved it, and I was curious about trying it. :)
>   cheers, Simon

I've used the same howto. It looks as though Capistrano is not available
on Dreamhost any longer, though you can install it as a local gem. I
think it's probably a good tool and want to learn about it but I try not
to learn *too* many new things on any one project...

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