On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:13 AM, Andrew Neil
<andrew.jr.n...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I would appreciate if anyone can take the time to step through the latest
> version of the tutorial, using Radiant 0.7 (edge, not rc2), and let me know
> if everything works as it should.

I'm rereading the tutorial atm, and the first thing I've noticed is
that the text uses "I" and "my" in several places in the first
paragraph. I think it is written from the 'radiant author'
perspective? Maybe a couple of "we" instead of "I" will make it a
little 'easier' to read (but opinions may differ).

The first screenshot showing the "Extensions" link does not match the
'current' one (the Archive extension is present by default aswell).
And as a result the text below (about the two default extensions isn't
correct anymore).

When generating a new model, the migration file is generated based
upon the UTC date/time (this is new in rails 2.1). I don't know if we
want to mention that, but as a result the migration file will not be
called "001*".

The erb files at the end of part1:
* Edit view is for link_roll/app/views/admin/links/edit.html.erb (edit
instead of new)
* Form view (partial) is missing filename (should be
link_roll/app/views/admin/links/_form.html.erb )

Apart from these small items, everything looks ok and I got a working
link roll extension at the end of the walkthrough.

What I can see from the "generated" output is that so far only the
'route' section is out of date (in the generator). I'll make a small
patch to the generator template to use the rest routing by default
(commented out ofcourse).

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