Thanks Jeroen, for taking the time to do this.

I'm pleased that you have a working link_roll extension, at the end of it.
That was my main concern. If you could update the errors you've pointed out
too, that would be a great help.

the first thing I've noticed is
> that the text uses "I" and "my" in several places in the first
> paragraph. I think it is written from the 'radiant author'
> perspective? Maybe a couple of "we" instead of "I" will make it a
> little 'easier' to read (but opinions may differ).

It's hard to keep a consistent tone of voice on a wiki. Please feel free to
edit the style of prose however you see fit.

What I can see from the "generated" output is that so far only the
> 'route' section is out of date (in the generator). I'll make a small
> patch to the generator template to use the rest routing by default
> (commented out ofcourse).

I think that when the default (commented out) routes are generated, it is
not possible to know how the controllers in your extension will be named.
All that is known is the name of the extension itself. It could be useful,
though, to make the default route resourceful, as a pointer for extension

Another point about the generated output, is that the "deactivate" action
could probably be left out, now that it does nothing (I think).


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