Hi all,

Looking for some feedback on something.

I'm thinking about changing the URL tags to operate on and return the full URL. I'm also thinking adding a new set of path tags for the case when you just want to work with the path.

This would mean that <r:if_url>, <r:url>, and friends would all work off of the full URL (beginning with "http" and ending with any URL params "?param=value&etc", while <r:if_path>, <r:path>, and friends would operate off of the path for the page ("/parent-page/slug/etc").

We could probably also rig up a migration that would change old <r:if_url> tags to <r:if_path> tags, etc.

Would anyone have any objection to this? It would make the language we are using a little more consistent with the language that Rails uses, and would yield greater flexibility.

John Long
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