2009/11/21 Sean Cribbs <seancri...@gmail.com>:
> One thing I've been meaning to mention, since it came up with my blog
> and with one of Marty Haught's sites with respect to Disqus:
> Make sure you manually set the page URL or other identifier, since their
> software seems to be sensitive to the existence or lack of trailing
> slashes.  On a number of my blog posts, this has caused the creation of
> multiple threads for a single post.  Here's two ways you can prevent
> that in your embed code:
> <script> var disqus_url = "http://yoursite.com<r:url />"; </script>
> or, even more strictly:
> <script> var disqus_identifier = <r:id />; </script>
> You can find more information here: http://disqus.com/docs/embed/
> Cheers,
> Sean

Thanks, will keep that in mind.
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