Thanks for the reply but I do find a couple of points interesting.

First you rail against using the tree structure of the pages to generate 
menus and then point out that copy/reording is needed.

To the first point the entire tree structure doesn't feed into the menu. 
 It's easy to check for a page part and exclude that page and all it's 
children from the menu.  Or reverse that and only include pages that have 
the page part.  IE a filter in generating the menu.  I don't control all the 
content on the sites I put up.  What's so great about radiant is I can do 
the backup stuff get it all running, setup the basic site design etc. and 
then turn it over to the customer to add content.  I need to make it as easy 
as possible for the customer to add/more/change pages.

Back to the original pont of the post.  I'm asking if anyone knows of a 
reorder extension that works with 1.0 of Radiant.  All the ones I looked at 
including those posts here so far are quite old so AFAIK have a good chance 
of not working with 1.0.  I'm also sugesting that it would be a good 
addition to core of radiant.

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