hi Bob,

I recently re-packaged the "old" reorder extension; the one where you have a
reorder button for every page with children;
This works well with edge, and is also available as a gem.

About automatic menu generation; I dò agree with you. Anton has a point
about not letting your main navigation grow too big, but on "deeper"
navigations (for example on /about; /about/history,/about/team, ...) I also
find it convenient to have new pages under about/ come up in there
automatically by default. I use r:nav for this;
Works well with Edge, and is available as a gem
Be sure to check
the README is slightly outdated (append_- and prepend_urls)

2011/6/21 Anton J Aylward <radi...@antonaylward.com>

> Bob Sleys said the following on 06/20/2011 09:59 PM:
> > Thanks for the reply but I do find a couple of points interesting.
> > First you rail against using the tree structure of the pages to generate
> > menus and then point out that copy/reording is needed.
> Please re-read: that's not what I said.
> > To the first point the entire tree structure doesn't feed into the menu.
> Which is what I *DID* say.
> >  It's easy to check for a page part and exclude that page and all it's
> > children from the menu.  Or reverse that and only include pages that
> > have the page part.  IE a filter in generating the menu.
> True, but the more processing you do the complicated things become and
> the more code the more room for mistakes and the more you deal with
> special cases and exceptions ...
> Yes, ANYTHING is possible if you're willing to put enough effort into
> coding it.
> No, I'd rather KISS and rely on good structure and design.
> > I don't
> > control all the content on the sites I put up.
> I have a quite a number of client sites like that.
> However I do have control over things like layouts, what extensions are
> loaded and the STRUCTURE.  Users can add content: new articles,
> comments, but the content fits in with the STRUCTURE.  They can't run it
> topsy-turvy or restructure it.
> > What's so great about
> > radiant is I can do the backup stuff get it all running, setup the basic
> > site design etc. and then turn it over to the customer to add content.
> Yes.  That's what I'm saying.
> > I need to make it as easy as possible for the customer to
> > add/more/change pages.
> But not restructure it. ...
> > Back to the original pont of the post.  I'm asking if anyone knows of a
> > reorder extension that works with 1.0 of Radiant.  All the ones I looked
> > at including those posts here so far are quite old so AFAIK have a good
> > chance of not working with 1.0.  I'm also sugesting that it would be a
> > good addition to core of radiant.
> Is there a particular reason you need to be at the bleeding edge?
> Are there more features there that are of greater importance than a
> working copy/move, because at 0.8.1 and 0.9.x I *KNOW FOR SURE* they
> work.  And looking at them, I don't think its a big issue upgrading
> them.  Its not as if you're adding some radically new functionality.
> I'm not sure I agree about adding to the core.
> Some of the sites I've developed while not actually static in content
> have no need for reordering once they are set up.  Some of the blogs and
> BBoards are like that.  Always new content, but it is added - the basic
> structure, layout, facilities etc, doesn't need to change.

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