Absolutely. There is no exact method for sizing a bike. Personal preference 
plays a huge role. After going round and around about the whole finding the 
"perfect" frame size...I have resigned myself to the whole F@#! it get a close 
enough frame size, to which there are no major compromises and it looks ok to 
my eye and shazam! Happiness and lots of bike riding ensues!  Rather than the 
wring my hands and worry about a few mm here or there and constantly kick 
myself for not having had bought the other size frame camp. The "perfect" frame 
size or bike for that matter only exists in our minds. And as always the 
question of perfect for what? But this is not to say it isn't fun or worthwhile 
 to discuss what the perfect frame / bike might be and why...Because we all 
know it is. :) But a suggestion was asked for and usually any one person should 
be able to ride at least 3 different frame sizes in 2cm incraments pretty 
happily. With the starting place for that being saddle / pbh range ...becauae 
ya gotta start somewhere and it was offered by the OP, which suggests it is an 
important sizing parameter for him. I think that problems pop up when people 
want  or end up at the opposite extremes / high bars and the smallest frame 
possible when the bike is not designed for that. Then they get miffed and say 
all kinda bad stuff about the bike and the person who recomended the size. With 
that said, back to the question. A 58 would really seem to be the safest bet in 
this situation and subsequently my recomendation based on info offered.  Jay 
provides his pbh which would suggest that is what is important to him about how 
 he sizes a bike. Had he offered torso length or reach numbers it might have 
suggested different priorities size wise, maybe he has a long torso...but the 
58cm would prolly offer the most versatility for higher or lower bars without 
extreme stems or spacer stack. The 56 and 60 will both work but they will 
commit to a racier or comfort driven position. Which all depends on info he 
knows that we dont. Therefore he can take the suggestion FWIW and make a 
decision based on his priorities and hopefully feel a little bit more 
comfortable about his purchase if he has to buy the bike sight unseen. Which is 
the point of asking such a question...I think ;^)

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