What you discovered is that you can be aerobically strong and anaerobically
out of gas.  As long as you stay aerobic, you can continue to burn fat and
feel strong.  As you edge into and become fully anaerobic, such as when
climbing the steep hills, you need the glycogen stores to provide the
boost.  Living keto lets those stores shrink, which limits how much of the
harder efforts you can do.  A couple of ways to deal with this are:
1. Stay at the upper edge of your aerobic zone.  The longer you work at the
top of this zone, the more you will extend the upper range of this zone.
Thus, you can get faster while still burning fat.
2.  If you have an event and can predict you will be into the anaerobic
zone for a longer duration, you can carb load just for the single event.
This will provide the larger glycogen store needed while still letting you
burn fat while you are in the aerobic zone.  If you find you have used up
your glycogen stores as in your example, you can reload that as needed on
the go.  In your example, you could have had that banana, Clif bar, or
Gatorade to rebuild your glycogen store.   Caveat: This is not for
regular/daily usage/training.  Keep that keto, aerobic, and low duration
anaerobic/intervals.  It's how you build that aerobic zone.

Hope this helps.


On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:50 AM, 'pb' via RBW Owners Bunch <> wrote:

> Arriving late to this conversation.  I have also been "reasonably"
> low-carb for the past few years, but without a real plan.  A few weeks ago
> an old friend whom I respect recommended ketogenic, and I took the plunge.
> Results are good, similar to others, weight loss, smooth energy delivery,
> absolutely no problem skipping meals.
> However.  Last Sunday I had coffee and cream for breakfast, packed a
> generous Ziploc with almonds, and left for a moderately challenging
> 50-mile/4800 climbing feet ride.  My neighborhood has a steady supply of
> short, steep (15%+) climbs and descents, like one section of the ride that
> has 2200 feet of climbing in just 9 miles.  I have geared for those climbs,
> and my head has accepted them, and they are no big deal.  On this day,
> though, I bonked deeper than I have bonked in years.  Weird sensation to
> feel simultaneously strong and completely out of gas, if such a thing can
> be expressed.  I had nibbled on the almonds steadily, and I was mystified
> that I could never feel the flow of fuel that a banana or a Clif bar or
> even a Gatorade would have given me.
> I hadn't had that feeling since I was in my twenties, regularly riding
> 100+ Colorado Front Range climbing days, and staggering into the house
> after riding, wanting to eat absolutely anything I could put my hands on
> right now.
> Anyhoo...  I obviously have a lot to learn, and it would seem that Bill
> has learned it.  Maybe Lara bars are a start.
> Peter
> Sebastopol CA

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