Lum-speaking solely for myself, and I am not a doctor, variety remains the 
spice of life. I used low carb/ sugar and most importantly portion control to 
lose the weight. I still stay low carb for most meals but I do not deny myself 
anything in moderation and infrequently. For instance I quit drinking beer like 
I used to, instead of 10 or so a week I have one when I want one, not because I 
am socially being pushed to drink. Same w a coke, instead of daily it’s 
infrequent but tastes so good! Same w food, it is about choice and frequency 
and dietary changes. According to the nutritionist that got me straightened out 
I was eating 6000 to 8000 calories a day on a typical day and am now under 3000 
most days by making different choices and retraining, it does get sorted out 
over time and you get into the groove,

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