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>I'm not quite certain about the meaning of "faculty" in the element 
>"Dissertation or Thesis Information".

Another of those ambiguous English words.  It can mean the teaching
staff of an educational institution.  But in this context, it means a
subunit of a university which grants degrees.  In other words, the
body which granted the degree should be in 502. $b.
As others have written, some also record the department, but in this
case the "faculty" would be a school in a university.  The difference
between a college and university is that the university is made up of
multiple faculties/schools/colleges, e.g.m liberal arts, medicine,
music, law, agriculture, theology, etc., each of which may grant its
own degrees.

The institution in 502 $b may be traced with $edegree granting
institution,  whether the university or the school (aka faculty)
within the university.  Professional schools such as law, medicine,
and theology often grant degrees rather than the larger university.

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