Am 20.12.2013 13:37, schrieb Heidrun Wiesenmüller:

I think the interesting point to note is that not everything which
consists of several works by the same person is in fact a "compilation
of works". Rather, in the case of...

This is the sort of casuistry we've never envied AACR users for.
Let's get serious about the A aspect in RDA and treat titles as
such, as titles, always, because end-users will always search for
those titles because they find them cited as such, and noch
concocted and perturbed in ways they'd never imagine.
Add conventional collected titles at leisure (if you find any),
or rather use machine-actionable codes wherever possible, but leave the
titles alone.

If we can't get away from the old spirit of cataloging that was
based on unit descriptions on 3x5 cards and on filing rules that were
not even part of AACR, then RDA is really a waste of time and will
create more nuisance than usefulness.


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