Bernhard Eversberg wrote:

But you know that we had non of that casuistry in our rules?
And for reasons that had been discussed thoroughly for quite some time.
Did we or our users suffer from that or were they pestering us
for qualified contentional collective titles?
Isn't it just the very prolific authors where those can sometimes
be of some use for some people? Or perhaps it is just Shakespeare ...

I believe that it is a legitimate need of users to find all compilations/collections of a certain type by a certain author, and I truly don't see authors like Shakespeare as the only cases where this would be relevant.

Indeed the German RAK rules didn't cater for this need very well (unlike the older "Prussian instructions"). And of course I'm aware that the little that was left about conventional collective titles in our rules (or, rather, about *the* collective title, as there only was "Sammlung", i.e. "collection") has long gone out of practice in Germany. But my feeling is that this was a mistake

Having the possibility to collocate compilations/collections is something I'm looking forward to when RDA is implemented.

BUT: Doing this with conventional collective titles is probably not the best way to reach the goal. It mixes up the title with other attributes of the work in an odd way and forces catalogers to decide whether they want A) make it possible to find all editions of a certain compilation/collection (by not applying
B) make it possible to find all compilations/collections of a certain type (by applying the CCTs in

I want a solution where it's possible to have both. Transforming the conventionsl collective titles into attributes of the work might be a way of making this possible.


Prof. Heidrun Wiesenmueller M.A.
Stuttgart Media University
Wolframstr. 32, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany

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