Does anyone have any information or specifications for an older circa
2010-2012 iCel System Lithium Ion Battery.  We are doing a repair on an
older 48V Lithium Ion system consisting of 3-6 ICel batteries wired in
parallel and 1 Xantrex 6848 and 2 Xantrex Conext MPPT 60 150 Solar Charge
controllers.  Via a surge from SCE system shut down and sat before we were
called in.  Batteries are sitting at 6.67V and the charge controller will
not turn on unless the batteries are at 40V since at the time they were made
for lead acid batteries.  I'm looking at finding the way to charge the iCel
batteries or goose the charge controller into thinking 40V are coming from
the batteries.  I think I'm making sense here.  


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