Greetings Wrenches;

We are designing several systems for Puerto Rico, and while these will eventually could be grid tied once the grid returns, they will need to operate reliably in off grid mode possibly for a year or more.  What is everyone's experiences with the Storedge and LG setup?  I've worked with the regular Solaredge GT system and was quite impressed, but I've heard the Storedge is not a good off grid option.  What are the issues, and has anyone used the Storedge in longer term outages?

Right now we are designing some smaller systems that will use Magnum inverters with 24v and 48 v Li+ batteries from other manufacturers, like Simpliphi and LiFe Blue. ( No GT, Backup only)  These are lower cost and allow us to use more traditional off grid designs, but also have limited charge and discharge current.  In order to make Li+ cost effective, we have had to reduce the storage size in half compared to lead acid.  We feel this is justifiable considering Li+'s ability to be discharged to 100%, its voltage stability, and its higher efficiency.

All feed back is welcome, as we venture into less well charted territory.  We just don't want to set up systems that are going to not be functional in 5 to 8 years because of inferior AGM lead acid batteries.  We use HUP batteries for most larger off grid systems, but these are not feasible because of their size and maintenance requirements.


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