I have met so many people who tell me they know someone who speaks Coptic, only 
to get in touch with the individual and find out they know some hymns in Coptic 
and can read some words in Coptic with no understanding. This is the case for 
"Mona Zaki" if she is even a real person.  She may know some words in Coptic 
from hymns and things pronounced with the bohairic pronunciation (as opposed to 
modern greco-bohairic) which was still prevalent in areas even up to the 
1950's, 60's and 70's until recordings and people taught under the modified 
version began spreading the new pronunciation throughout Egypt. There are some 
people who have knowledge of the original pronunciation I actually know one 
person directly from Assiout who knows this pronunciation who told me when he 
was a kid, many of the elders had psalms memorized by heart in Coptic with the 
original pronunciation. She is right, the pronunciation will die out when she 
dies but the pronunciation is different than speaking
 the language.
  Also, This is the institute ethnologue page on the coptic language 
  Coptic  An extinct language of Egypt  ISO 639-3: cop
          Population  Extinct.    Alternate names    Neo-Egyptian    Dialects  
Bohairic, Sahidic.    Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Egyptian    Language use  
Liturgical language of the Coptic Church, Bohairic dialect. No first-language 
speakers; it probably became extinct in the 16th century.    Language 
development  NT: 1716–1924.

            this case is documented by the institute Ethnlogue which one of the 
largest institutions in the world that is concerned with languages and 
particularly those which are in the process of extination. That this story is 
reported by international news agencies and international institutions gives it 
great creadibility.
  Lilian Nawar

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