Some of the families who you mention learned and acquired the coptic  
language based on the Greek pronounciation of the langauge ( this is considered 
artificial because we could not figure out how real copts really pronounced 
And  this is not what we are talking about. We are talking about a woman  from 
a family that has passed the language from parents to children without  
interruption. This woman has the tongue of our ancestors which was lost and 
is why she is reciving the attention of scholars. Scholars consider  the  
families you mentioned not to be a true natural Egyptian because the langauge  
not transmitted in a natural way from father to children but was introduced  
after artificial pronounciation that may not be the true Egyptian  
pronounciation. The language spoken by this woman seems to be a dialetec from  
one of the 
Egyptian dialetecs and and differs slightly from the Coptic of our  church, 
however she is able to understand the liturgical prayers at  church.
Lilian Nawar
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