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    From: "Chappy" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    Date: Thu Apr 6, 2006 9:07pm(PDT) 
Subject: DB-224 versions

    We plan to buy a new DB-224 antenna for 146.34/94.
We notice the "popular" model covers 150-160 MHz.
Also available is a model  covering 138-150 MHz, for about $50 more.
I've heard many times that the 150-160 model covers 2 meters just fine.
In fact we have a DB-264 with 150-160 MHz specs and it seems OK.
Is it worth it to look for the 138-150 MHz version ?
    Thanks -- kd4ss

We have had both versions 224b and BD224 E (If I remember the 
variations correctly) Thw first one we bought at a hamfest, it was cut 
for 150 to 170 Mhz, we had a SWR of about 1.8:1 after we modified it 
for 145.49 by adding 1 5/8 inches to each loop. It worked well for 
about 4 or 5 years, then we started having a few problems with noise. 
We finally bit the bullet and bought a new one from Primus (no I don't 
work for them etc). They give ham clubs a discount which amounts to
to the wholesale price charged dealers. Our new antenna is 1.:1 on 
145.490 and the coverage has increased about 10 or 20 miles. 
Apparently we had some downtilt that we no longer have. 
I would recommend buying a DB224 cut for the ham bands first, save 
yourself trouble.
Bill WA9BA

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