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The consensus seems to be forming around a basic URI of
such as

I'm not sure, yet, that there is a consensus forming. For example, Peter Kazmier replied to Craig McClanahan's message about commons-foo-x.y.jar, and suggested:

To grab the latest released version:
To grab the latest nightly build:
And of course, to grab a specific version:

Unless you view "-" and "/" purely as separators without the directory hierarchy connotations.

And my descriptor-based proposal doesn't specify or mandate the artifact's
URI, only the URI for the project descriptor.  The latter would provide
provide URIs for its constituent artifact(s), amongst other things.

--- Noel

The consensus seems to be forming for single level projects.

Still discussing
/project/version/artifact  vs /project/artifiact-version

I think we should do both a discriptor and a "Standard" artifiact URL , so that people can be lazy and have a repository without a descriptor.
And tools can crawl a repository and build a descriptor from it.

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