> http://<host>/<project>/<version>/artifact-[<version>].ext
> Seems to be a reasonable compromise.
> For example
> http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant/1.5.1/ant-1.5.1.jar
> http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant/1.5.1/ant-testutil-1.5.1.jar
> http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant/1.5.1/LICENSE.txt

Why go straight to the jar file ? It may be more valuable to have

> http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant
> http://repo.apache.org/org/apache/ant

and what not yeild an *.xml (and for browsers a *.html) file with the
metadata, list of available versions, their MD5's, dependencies, perhpas a
code for licenses, etc..


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