I agree that this is a good idea,  with the adddtion of version


where artifact may optionally have a version suffix such as ant-1.5.jar

O'brien, Tim wrote:

We should try to have an organization identifier of something like
"org-apache", or "org.apache".  This shouldn't be confused with Java package
naming conventions.  Repository discussions should get bogged down in
references to JARs, I see this repository URI syntax as being technology
neutral.  Artifacts are simply files, if the XML descriptor for a specific
product wants to provide some sort of artifact type that would be just fine.

All I want to address is the "organization" portion of the following URI"


I propose that organization be a reversed domain name, ( I take back my
opposition to using periods in this field ).    It is important to have this
organization level to reduce the chances of name collision.   Also,
organizations would have free range to control there part of the repository
namespace.  Organization identifiers would be org.apache, com.sun, and so
on.  These should not be confused with Java package or class names, URI
syntax shouldn't be concerned with the target technology.

As a side note, my requirements would be met with the existing Maven
repository structure plus this organizational layer.  I'm taking an
incrementalist approach here, but only because I've got projects that
currently rely on the ibiblio.org repository.

Tim O'Brien

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