Is anyone interested in reviving this project?

Yes :-)

Last time this list stopped at the last proposal of how to implement the repository for Apache, and IIRC it was about placing jars in the current dist space, that can thus be mirrored.

As for codebase, I have seen that Maven-new has separated the repository download part in the fetcher IIUC.
In the meantime, at Krysalis we have been working on Ruper2, an Eclipse plugin, and on a Version project for versioning.

http://www.krysalis.org/ruper/ (draft site)

As I see it, these two projects are in a more advanced state than the Maven code, so I would propose that we build on these codebases and make sure that all Maven needs are taken into account.

The proposal would be to Incubate Apache Repo: create two CVS repositories open to all *Apache* comitters, commit the ruper and version code there, and start working together on this list.

The result would be a codebase that can be used CLI, by Eclipse, by Ant, and of course by Maven, and be collectively managed by all Apache coders.

Note that this would be a *tentative*, not something that *has* to happen. I mean, we can move the ruper code here at Apache, we can also get it working nicely together, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that the project has to be adopted by *any* Apache project.

So there is no need to have a vote by any Apache community to make this happen. No community disruptions. If we build correctly, they will come. If not, at least we tried.

What do you think?

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