Nicola Ken Barozzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 23/10/2003 07:38:13 PM:

> > Is anyone interested in reviving this project?
> Yes :-)
> Last time this list stopped at the last proposal of how to implement the 

> repository for Apache, and IIRC it was about placing jars in the current 

> dist space, that can thus be mirrored.
> As for codebase, I have seen that Maven-new has separated the repository 

> download part in the fetcher IIUC.
> In the meantime, at Krysalis we have been working on Ruper2, an Eclipse 
> plugin, and on a Version project for versioning.
> (draft site)
> As I see it, these two projects are in a more advanced state than the 
> Maven code, so I would propose that we build on these codebases and make 

> sure that all Maven needs are taken into account.

My question is do they fit our needs?

"Krysalis-Ruper2 is a resource updater, meaning it automatically keeps 
local resources up-to-date with versions of the resource found in 
repositories. "

I didn't think we needed something to keep a repository automatically up 
to date, and that mirroring would take care of that.

and version ensures the jar and the runtime are available. Do we need that 
for a repository?

> The proposal would be to Incubate Apache Repo: create two CVS 
> repositories open to all *Apache* comitters, commit the ruper and 
> version code there, and start working together on this list.

I'd rather make sure the code is what we need first.

> What do you think?

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