Other Repository Questions:
1) Should there be metadata or is none required to host, access and manage the repository?

Should be metadata but not required.

2) Repository format?

Compromise URI

http://<host>/<project>/<version>/artifact-[<version> <http://%3Chost%3E/%3Cproject%3E/%3Cversion%3E/artifact-%5B%3Cversion%3E>;].ext

For example



3) Are there lessons to learn from Perl's Package Manager or other similar tools? If so, what?
4) Is this an ASF only repository?

ASF Repository shall only host artifacts approved by a PMC
ASF Repository shall not Host any artifact in violation of a license, or IPR.

So Yes ASF only, but the tools should support people using and mainting non ASF repositories.

5) Repository content - is it up to each project to determine it, or is there some standard / structure

Within the URI above I think projects can publish what they want.

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