Leo Simons wrote:

As for standards, I like the concensus we arrived at
(and I would be highly against changing that again now
as its just a major pain in the **** to move 100s of
files around).

From my site, I totally agree.

As for code, well, personally, not really.
Maven worksforme :D. But it could be a good idea

We must cater for all projects, not only Maven-enabled ones.
Yes, it's possible to take away the code from Maven and make that indipendent, but again I propose to start from Version and Ruper, as IMHO they are more complete as a repository solution.

The bottom line is that I just want a versioning and repository system, adn I don't like having to replicate things here and in krysalis. Hence the proposal to move the code here and make all be able to access it and work on it.

In case some want to know, I have personally never touched the Ruper2 code nor the Version code, and will not actively partecipate in its development. But there is a small community at krysalis that is working like mad on these things, and I think that it might be beneficial to Apache if it happens here instead.

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