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http://www.krysalis.org/ruper/ (draft site)

As I see it, these two projects are in a more advanced state than the Maven code, so I would propose that we build on these codebases and make sure that all Maven needs are taken into account.

My question is do they fit our needs?

"Krysalis-Ruper2 is a resource updater, meaning it automatically keeps local resources up-to-date with versions of the resource found in repositories. "

I didn't think we needed something to keep a repository automatically up to date, and that mirroring would take care of that.

It's just a naming thing. What Ruper does is to update the local repository with the contents of the remote repository, which is exactly what we need.

and version ensures the jar and the runtime are available. Do we need that for a repository?

Version is mainly for Version resolving (that is if a version is > or < than another one) and to check in the classpath and other places for jars (not strictly necessary for Maven but very useful for other build systems).

The proposal would be to Incubate Apache Repo: create two CVS repositories open to all *Apache* comitters, commit the ruper and version code there, and start working together on this list.

I'd rather make sure the code is what we need first.

I agree.

Well, to be exact, what Maven needs, Maven already has. ;-)
This is about something more than that; as long as Maven needs are taken into account, I would be fine in adding extra features.

I have asked the Ruper2 and Version developers to sign up here and chime into this discussion as they are much more knowledgeable than me. I just want to see this start, they are interested in working on it.

My objective: make sure that there is an apache-wide repository effort maintained by active and dedicated committers, that can benefit both Ant, Maven, and Gump. This is why I keep talking about Ruper, not because I like the codebase, but because I know that the developers are very interested and dedicated to this task, and would be an excellent addition to this effort.

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