"Adam R. B. Jack" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 30/10/2003 02:46:15 AM:

> Hi,
> It seems to me that Dion put out a feeler with "Is anyone interested in
> reviving this project?" and a few of us (with unbounded passion) 
launched in
> w/ gobs of information/opinions. Maybe this was just a one time opening 
> flood gates, that was like drinking from a fire hose, but maybe it is 
> to take a step back, and approach this methodically.
> First, Dion, what would you like to see? What are your goals for this

I was hoping to revive some discussion. Last time things jumped to code 
and then stopped.

> project? What were you hoping for when you put out that feeler?

I was hoping we could take all the disparate repository efforts and focus 

> Second, how do we keep some momentum and progress this, given the many
> different facets & ways to skin this cat.

Agree on what the basics are and allow differing implementations.

> I'd love to see progress made, without launching into implementation or
> complete specification or whatever. Is Wiki a way to progress this, or 
> simple (focused) discussion topics on this list?
Simple focussed discussion without talking about incubating projects or 
adopting projects works for me. Those are separate issues.
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