Simple focussed discussion without talking about incubating projects or adopting projects works for me. Those are separate issues.
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So here is a key focuossed issue. What should the URI look like

The latest URI discussed was


For example
* http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant/1.5.1/ant-1.5.1.jar
* http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant/1.5.1/ant-testutil-1.5.1.jar
* http://repo.apache.org/org-apache-ant/1.5.1/LICENSE.txt

= Special versions. =
Most people agree we should support Latest (released), and Nightly, along with the normal released builds

The part still needs to be decided is the project name.

I think the most stable idea proposed is the java package name with - instead of .

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