> Well, let's make sure that we get input from the httpd release folks before
> we re-design the layout of the library.  I just want to make sure that we
> have a consensus across projects that everyone can live with, not just Java
> projects, and which works for the full spectrum of projects.
>       --- Noel

I totally second that.  The repository concept should support the entire gambit 
of artifacts that can be generated.  It must be language and application 
neutral hence very extensible.  There should be some caution when deciding upon 
a rigid repository structure that must have the artifact type as a path 
component.  Something tells me this could lead to trouble.

On a side note:

Taging artifacts using attributes can help acheive this as well.  It's another 
potential tool that could be very liberating to those designing the repository 
and its conventions.  I would try to keep the file structure very generic while 
using artifact attributes and some queriable engine to ask for the right kinds 
of artifacts.  

Both webdav/deltaV and directories can play a role here.  As you know you can 
associate properties/attributes with artifacts using webdav.  You can also 
acheive this by using a directory as the relational engine with a webserver as 
the artifact/content store.  Nice thing is, you can wrap the JNDI around it all 
too and switch URL schemes to do different things: use LDAP for relational 
queries on attributes and use http/ftp for content retrieval.  The neat thing 
is we can use the protocol that best suites the activity.

My $0.02


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