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I am not sure if my earlier mail made it to the list, I really want to see a different view of the URI

It seems like we are inclining towards the already existing "Maven" kind of URI. It has already proven its existence, instead of repeating the same thing, may be we should try to find a better one. How to make it more user friendly, better than what we have.

As I stated earlier, most of the project names don't say what they are trying to solve, and there are a lot of different projects that try to solve almost the same problem like xerces, crimson... (we could have lot of legacy projects with new ones coming in, but they all aim to solve one specific thing) why not group them all together, make it easy for the user to go to one place and decide on what they want. And the user need not know the project per say and all they need to know is what they want to solve.

The main problem with this is that it's not easy to decide on what the classification is based upon, and basically impossible IMHO to devise a single hierarchy that neatly contains libraries.

Instead this can and should be solved by including proper information in the project descriptor, be it the Maven POM or the Gump descriptor, and have a system that periodically aggegated them in a nice searchable view.

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