1. Magical chopping of the groupId into parts and then arbitrarily dropping the first one, most of the time.

  I'm in favour of just using groupId over organisation + id.

And I don't particularly like dropping org / com, the DNS is a good way to enforce uniqueness - let's use it.

I see little advantage in not mandating that groupId be globally unique - the reverse domain name. The number of crappy little components (eg "ftp") that I've had to magically name to something else on ibiblio is just frustrating. This will only get worse as you put more crap into the repository. And there will be crap... lots of it... eg. sourceforge currently has 70,925 projects...

2. Pluralisation of types

Historically within Maven we have had the jars directory and little else (poms/ licenses are only infrequently used - and typically not by tools)

When we specify a dependency, it looks something like this


This is all well and good for things which are pluralised by adding "s"... not so good otherwise.

Hence I'd prefer if we didn't go with pluralised names for the type. It'll just require another mapping array in every tool which says...

jar => jars, binary => binaries, source => source

as opposed to just using type

jar => jar, binary => binary, source => source

How can I justify this? What is the type of artifacts in this folder? They are of type jar. They are not of type jars.

This is more of a nuisance than a real problem however.

It's good to see progress being made.



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